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Cutting-Edge Medical Treatment For Chronic Pain That Can

Heal & Repair

Benefits of Our Drugless Nonsurgical Treatment

Michigan Integrative Health offers several Regenerative Medicine treatments including:

Pain Relief Without Drugs

Zero Recovery Period / No Down Time

Improved Function

Improved Quality of Life

Single Treatment

Minimally Invasive

Lasting Results

Heal & Repair

Types of Care Available

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to come to the office?

For most people our care only requires 1 visit. For those who choose, we can make care available on the same day as the consultation/examination/x-rays. Please be sure to advise the staff if this is your intent. Of course, whether or not care is received depends on the results of your examination, as we do not accept everyone for care.

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How much downtime will I need after the care?

Most people do not require any "down time" or time off of work immediately after our services. During your exam or Free Phone Consultation we will discuss with you your specific situation as it may require you to modify some activities for a short period of time. On the day of services, the manner in which you enter the office is the way you will leave our office. Many people drive themselves to and from the office to receive care.

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Does insurance cover these services and procedures?

Our services and procedures are not covered by insurance. Insurance in the US as well as Canada treats chronic pain conditions of the body with pills, therapy, cortisone, gel shots and surgery. The care we offer is geared to heal and repair. We do not use any of the insurance based care and as a result, During your phone consultation we can give you an estimate of the cost of our services, prior to any scheduled in office consultation/examination/x-rays. Financing of care is also an option is also available for those in the US with a credit score of 650 or higher.

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Is there a guarantee?

There are no guarantees for our services, or any services when it comes to healthcare. Our office goes above and beyond with our testing protocols to determine who is likely to respond to the care. Since 2017 we continue to add more specific testing during the consultation/examination/x-ray visit to the point that we will only accept those who demonstrate during the exam, an improvement with either their pain, range of motion, or strength. This examination will let you know if we can help.

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